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National Business
Award 2021

Bangalore Register ! December 18 , 2021 /

National Business Award

FaB will be awarding meritorious entrepreneurs and small businesses across India in association with National Business Award. FaB National. Business Award 2021 is an outstanding event to appreciate and celebrate the success of businesses in India.

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What you will get

Some Key Points

FaB National Business award provide ample opportunities for business owners
The Awards provide an opportunity to build a network with other entrepreneurs, and to meet business leaders at the national level
It allows entrepreneurs to discuss their business struggles and share their success stories. In this way, the hard work of leading SMEs will be recognized by their fellow businessmen, and their business achievements will be assessed by proficient Juries.
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August 14, 202119:00
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National Business Award Process

FaB National Business Award aims to recognise and reward the deserving companies from different categories across India’s business landscape.

FaB National Business Award has more than 20 jury members. With their experience and passion to their businesses, their expertise is crucial in remaining impartial when adjudicating each submission. The National Business Award Jury is comprised of highly respected senior-level executives, business professionals, and acclaimed entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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National Business Award


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National Business Award

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Entry Preparation Tips

  • Write your entries offline, so that you have a permanent record of them. It will then take just a few minutes to submit them through our easy-to-use online submission system. Don’t write your entries spontaneously online.



  • For most categories, attaching supporting files or web URLs to your entries is optional. But we strongly recommend that if you have no other materials to append to your entry, you at least provide the URL to your organization’s website, so that the judges have access to some additional, basic information about your organization.


  • If you include links to online videos, images, or other supporting materials with your entries, test your links before you submit your entries. Preview an entry before your submit it, and click your links in it to ensure that they are valid and will present to the judges the content you would like them to see.


  • When you attach materials to your entries for judges’ review, consider that judges have only a few minutes to review and rate each entry. They do not have time to wait many minutes to download materials from Hightail, Dropbox,, or similar services. Your attachments should be directly downloadable and immediately accessible to judges.

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